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Be A Volunteer

Interested in being a part of the Saltwater Freshwater Festival team?

We need volunteers to assist in the lead up to the festival, on the day and in the week after. The festival would not exist without support from our invaluable volunteers. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, develop skills, gain experience, learn more about culture and give back to your community. Email us to show your expression of interest to be a Volunteer: festival@saltwaterfreshwater.com.au

Be A Stallholder

Applications are now OPEN for stalls at the 2017 Festival in Coffs Harbour.

Aboriginal Owned  Arts & Craft Stall

Site Fees



Received by 31 December 2016

$300 + $22 GST


Received after 31 December 2016

$320 + $25 GST



 Aboriginal Food Stall

Site Fees



Received by 31 December 2016

$600 + $24 GST


Received after 31 December 2016

$600 + $27 GST



Non-Aboriginal Owned Food Stall

Site Fees



Received by 31 December 2016

$600 + $33 GST


Received after 31 December 2016

$600 + $36 GST


Stall Types

We are looking for:

  • Food Stallholders – Providing high-quality, delicious, affordable food. We welcome local and organic foods.
  • Retail Stallholders – Attractive, unusual and well-made crafts, adults and kids clothing, jewellery and artworks with an emphasis on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, craft and product. We are looking for items made in Australia as well as lovely things handmade in the Mid North Coast region. These stalls are only open to Aboriginal owned & run businesses.

Selection Criteria


  • Experience is needed to cope with the crowds and subsequent pressure of running a profitable retail stall or catering outlet in a festival environment.
  • We select stalls on the basis of Aboriginality first. We are funded to support Aboriginal stallholders and our fee structure reflect this.
  • Stalls must be able to trade for the entire duration of the Festival. Early bump-out is not permitted and we require stallholders to have sufficient stock for the duration of the Festival.
  • We advise that stallholders have some previous markets or events experience in preparation for a Festival of this size.
  • Appearance and stall presentation is important to us. Stands and signage will be uniform, although we encourage you to dress your stall within your designated area.
  • Non-acceptance is not a reflection of your quality, the main reason for non-acceptance is duplication.


  • We select stalls based on product quality, diversity and authenticity. Our priority is 100% Australian handcrafted and handmade products.

Food Stalls

Our criteria for selection of food stalls are:

  • Quality of menu and food presentation.
  • Ability to meet Food Safety requirements.
  • Level of professionalism and experience.
  • Stall presentation.
  • Environmentally aware food presentation.
  • Commitment to fresh and authentic cuisine


Selection Process

If you want to be selected you need to make sure your application is complete and stands out from the crowd. Please provide an accurate description of your products and prices in your application. We look for:

  1. Complete applications: with all documentation. Each year we receive more applications than we can accept. Missing information may jeopardise your selection.
  2. Product quality and diverse products: We require an accurate description of your products, with pictures and prices.
  3. Appearance and stall presentation: We require a photo of your stall set-up and if you are providing your own van, confirmation that it is of commercial/heavy duty standard.
  4. Balance of stall categories and combination of new and previous stallholders: We welcome applications by new vendors and do consider previous performance of regular stallholders.
  5. Stalls with products to sell: we are a family cultural event, not an exhibition or trade show. We do not provide stalls to organisations or businesses whose purpose is to provide  information or brochures.
  6. Australian Handcraft. Our priority is Australian handcrafted and handmade products, including musical instruments. We will only accept stalls with imported products if a similar Australian handcrafted product is not available.
  7. Food stalls. Our priority is fresh, healthy, interesting cuisine. Food stalls must comply with all WH&S requirements and must use only biodegradable packaging – NO GLASS.

Apply for a Stall

To be considered for a stall at the Saltwater Freshwater Festival 2017, please complete the appropriate Stallholder Application Form and provide all the required support materials by 5pm Friday 19 December 2016.

We recommend that you read the Stallholder Guidelines before applying to assist the success of your application.

You can complete this form online or via an email PDF form. If you cannot submit all documentation electronically you will need to post or fax hard copies to reach the Festival office, by 5pm Friday 19 December 2016.

Send to: Stallholder Coordinator, PO Box 703, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450.

Late applications will not be accepted. A selection process will take place in December 2016 and all successful applicants will be notified by 24 December 2016.


For further information, contact the Festival on 02 6658 1315.


Download the forms here to Apply:

SWFW-2017-Festival-Art&Craft Application

SWFW 2017 Food-Stallholder-Application

SWFW 2017 Festival Stallholder Guidelines